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Frequently Asked Questions

1) How can I get my lab results?

Your lab results are available under View My Health Summary once the provider has checked them.

2) Will I need my PIN after I set up my account?

You only need your PIN to verify your identity to your account and then you can get rid of it.

3) How do I add family members to my account?

You will need to get a PIN for each person you will want to add to your account. The PINs must be picked up in person and in the case of anyone being 18 or older will need to be picked up by that specific person. You will then be able to go under Edit "Your Name" Account, go to the My Family tab and select Add Family Member.

4) How do I reply to a Secure Message?

You will need to initiate a new message to be able to reply back to your provider and staff.

5) I am trying to register but it keeps highlighting my email address and tells me that I cannot register at this time?

This happens when the email address you are attempting to sign up with has already been used to register an account on the Patient Portal. You can log in to this account to finish your verification. If you cannot remember your password you can select the Forgot Your Password? option to retrieve it.

6) I am trying to add my billing account so I can pay my bill online but it will not accept my Online Bill Pay Code.

If you have a monthly payment plan set up with the clinic then your account balance will be your monthly balance and not your entire balance. If it informs you that your billing account is already linked to another account then a family member or yourself may have set up an account before, billing accounts are set up by guaranter so everyone in the family set up under this guarantor would show up under Online Bill Pay.